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Objectives & methodology

  • relevant theories, findings and methodology, and provide an overview of previous similar surveys to aid instrument development;
  • Integrate experiences from consortium countries into NUTRILAB project development;
  • Provide guidelines for sampling and administration;
  • Translate the NUTRILAB results and questioners from English to the language instruction in the respective countries;
  • Coordinate the NUTRILAB data collection for all consortium countries and partners and other participating countries;
  • Collect data in each NUTRILAB consortium country.
  • data collection will be defined in different steps:
    - Definition of keywords for search engines;
    - Web-browsing;
    - Review of EU and national action plans, papers surveys;
    - Review of EU and national R&D projects and programmes;
    - Code and clean the national data files (all partners);
    - Merge the national data files into the international data file, and clean it;
    - Conduct general overall comparative data analysis and sum up findings from the project at large;
    - Compile a report/book towards the end of the project.

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